2 gals kissing vs 2 guys kissing

I was having dinner with a friend yesterday and he said he had a question to ask me which nobody managed to provide an answer for. He really got my attention there - I always love a challenge. Here's what he asked: Most people think it is ok to see 2 gals kissing in public but if they see 2 guys kissing in public they would find that gross. Why?

It wasn't my first time hearing this statement (and I'm sure it's not your first either) but nobody had asked me why this was so. Do you agree with his statement? I think most people would.

Here's my theory. Our minds subconsciously extrapolate what we see. It could be extrapolating to threesomes or even to anal sex. Answer this question honestly: When you think of 2 guys having sexual activities together, do you think of anal sex? Let's face it, many people don't like the idea of anal sex. Therefore anything that we see that lead us to think about anal sex is a major turn-off. This question is for you guys: when you think of 2 gals kissing, do you feel like or think of joining in the fun for a threesome?

Heterosexual guy's perspective:
2 guys kissing -> remove clothes -> anal sex -> No way!
2 gals kissing -> remove clothes -> threesome -> Absolutely!

Heterosexual gal's perspective:
2 guys kissing -> remove clothes -> anal sex -> I don't like anal sex
2 gals kissing -> remove clothes -> they can do what they want, not my problem

Lesbians/gays/homosexuals perspective:
I don't think I need to elaborate

Bi-sexual guy/gal's perspective:
Do I need to elaborate? *wink*

This is just my theory. Would you like to help me prove or disprove it? Please post what you think in this format:
Your sex: Male/Female
You are: Heterosexual/Homosexual/Bisexual
2 gals kissing: hot/ok/yucks
2 guys kissing: hot/ok/yucks

2 gals kissing: hot
2 guys kissing: hot


kevin said...

2 gal kissing:HOT HOT

Betaphats said...

Shrugs... :P

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Kevin, are you female and bisexual? The name Kevin sounds male :p

TrainMan said...

Yes i think u got it right..lolz

Anonymous said...

you might find this link and story todays nytimes of interest..


Anonymous said...

2 gals kissing: HOT!
2 guys kissing: yucks!