1st month blogging anniversary

Today marks my first month blogging anniversary! Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for following my blog and posting your comments. Keep them coming!

When I started out last month, the blog was meant as sort of a diary of the places I've traveled to overseas. Later I realised that I have many ideas, questions and opinions in my mind which I want to express and share. So as you can see, I've changed the title of my blog to reflect what I'm going to focus on: sex, health and life! Actually my main objective of blogging now is to find ways to supplement my income and I need your help!

Here are 2 ways you can give me ang pow :
1. If you can click on the advertisements appearing on my blog every time you visit, that would really help me! Click here to read about the Feed Yu-Kym Campaign. I'm quite thin already, please feed me *hungry kitty look*. It's CNY season now - hope you can be generous :)
2. You need to actually buy something from. I was wondering what I should sell. What better than something I believe in or use - condoms and perhaps used panties? Haha! Hopefully my blog creates some buying interest.

Will I run out of things to write? I don't think so! I have a whole list of items saved on my desktop. If there are any topics that you would like to hear about, please post them here and I will try must best to write about them :) Happy reading and clicking *hint hint*!

[Update 19 Feb 2009: Adsense disable my account. I am starving now :( ]


taka said...

Happy 1 mth anniversary on ur blogging

Anonymous said...
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