$10 Haircuts


Went for a haircut just to neaten the edges. Is my fringe too short? I had intended for my fringe to be longer so that I can comb it to one side. I asked the stylist to neaten the edges only but she cut it too short. I think they just love snipping off as much as they can. When I ask them to trim 1 inch they will trim 2 inches. Sigh... Doesn't matter whether I go for a $10 haircut or $40 haircut. All the same. Btw, I've not paid anything more than $10 for a haircut in the past 10 years. Long before the $10 haircut shops existed in Singapore, I used to go to the neighbourhood hairdressers and asked whether they can cut my hair for $10 (common sense: don't do this during peak season or peak hours). If they said no, I just moved on to the next place . I never saw a good reason (other than profiteering from clueless women) why they should charge more for cutting long hair than short hair if it's the same style. After all, it's the same effort! Any why do they charge less for men? I think it's harder to cut and layer a guy's hair than to trim straight long hair. I guess you might think I'm a cheapo. But assuming I pay $28 instead of $10 per haircut and trimming every 2 months, that's $108 per year. Wouldn't you save $100 if you could? Hey, times are bad now and, besides, I was a poor student once.


TrainMan said...

i think its abit too short..