Pengerang: 26-27 Dec 2008 Cycling


Ahhh... relaxing? No! Just totally bored! And the place doesn't even look like this. I just chose a good angle for this shot so that it looks like I'm at some resort. This pic was taken at esplanade in Sungei Rengit town. Don't expect too much at the "esplanade". You'll see many ships on the horizon and the beach is kinda muddy.

My friend and I cycled about 20km from Pengerang Tanjong Pengelih Jetty to this small town. We expected to take about 1.5 to 2 hours (that's what we read/heard from others) but we reached the town in under 1 hour. Is that fast? (thanks mate for not killing me with your speed and being a perfect gentleman!) It was hot and sunny. Though I used sunscreen, got a slight tan after being in the sun for an hour. Sun Play powdery white spf 47 didn't work at all! Gals, try some other brand if you don't want to get a tan.

This is how I looked before 1 hr of cycling >>>
Get the idea??? Okok, I know it's too "o biang" to wear all pink so I shall avoid that next time.
Here's what we did:

Day 1 - Friday 26 Dec 2008
Met at Changi Village hawker centre for breakfast. Rented bikes ($18 for 2 days) from shop opposite "famous" nasi lemak shop (famous shop always has the longest Q), head to Changi Point Jetty. Took bumboat to Pengerang Jetty. About 45mins, $12. Upon arrival, cycled about 20km to Sungei Rengit town in 1 hr. I had to make sure my music wasn't too loud otherwise I won't be able to hear the cars or bikes behind me. We checked into Hotel Hiap Hwa (5 Jalan Pasar, Sungai Rengit, tel: 07-8263111, 016-7228222, 016-7156222. Rm68 per night for standard room on weekdays). The deluxe room has huge sea-view windows (Rm88 per night on weekdays). The hotel is new and clean. There are other hotels nearby too but this one looks the best. It rained after lunch and the rain was a good excuse for not cycling to the resort some 20km away. When I woke up from my afternoon nap it was already 6.30pm. Knocked on my friend's room door but there was no response. I thought he took off for dinner without me! I waited till 8.30pm and got hungry so I got ready to go out and found him smoking at my door and he said he just got up. We had dinner - butter prawns (really good!), vegetables, toufu, fried rice - Rm54. Nothing else to do so we chilled out at a small drink shop near the hotel till it was time to go to bed. It felt somehow good to be away from technology and internet access (or so I thought, cos my friend told me the next day that there's free wi-fi access in the hotel and he checked the internet with his handphone).

Day 2 - Saturday 27 Dec 2008

We had Hong Kong style chee cheong fun and noodles tasted great! Cycled to the nearby ostrich farm. Many day-tourists there. Ostrich burger was fresh and tasty! Then cycled all the way back to the Jetty. The last boat leaves at 4pm so we had to get there by 3.30pm. The sun was hot and I must have tanned by another 1 or 2 more tones (I tan very easily). We were almost reaching the jetty when huge rain drops started to fall and I was laden with the additional weight of the water that soaked up my clothes, shoes and bag. There was no place to stop for shelter. Cycled till we reached a small food hut. I was drenched and cold but ordered an iced milo anyway. Haha... I just love drinking cold drinks or eating an ice cream when it's cold! When the rain stopped we carried on cycling to the jetty in time to catch the last boat ($9 for the ride back). 4 other cyclists arrived a little later after us. 1 nice guy offered to help me carry my bike onto the boat. I think many Singaporean guys are gentlemanly, but of course there are always exceptions.


Anonymous said...

hey kym,

Interesting tour de malaysia ehehe it's fun reading your cycling journey :) keep up good work :)


Jim said...

Thanks very much for sharing. I was looking for a contact of the hotel to make some booking and amazingly have not had success till I went to your blog. And its nice reading as well. :D. Am planning to go end of July 11.

Yu-Kym said...

Have a nice trip! :)